About us

Wheel Brand is the prestigious brand name under which Ashok Metal Crafts manufactures and markets its range of aluminium vessels and utensils. The company started its meteoric rise on 18 June 1990, under the visionary guidance of Mr N M Ashokan. Over the last ten years, our products have found widespread acceptance throughout the Kerala market. When Wheel Brand Aluminium became only the second of its kind to obtain the coveted ISI certificate of quality, it was a seal of recognition for the company's long-standing commitment to maintaining the highest of standards. The prime reason for the company's reputation today as a reliable and trustworthy name is none other than Mr N M Ashokan himself, whose admirable resourcefulness and indomitable resolve has been our core strength. Mr Ashokan, who has obtained technical qualifications in this field, entered the aluminium and metals business in the 1980's, beginning with moulding items. In 1990, he launched Wheel Brand aluminium vessels and utensils with ISI quality, laying the foundation for a company whose rapid growth today seems to know no bounds.

Our Mission

Over the years, Wheel Brand Aluminium has come to be associated in the mind of the Keralite consumer with aluminium products of superior quality. Our mission is to maintain this enviable reputation, and to set and achieve ever higher standards.